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  1. What is the total load capacity?
    Take this number and divide by 4; this will give you the per caster load capacity.
  2. What is the floor surface the caster will mostly be on?
    IDEALLY: Soft surface (like carpet) - hard wheel; Hard surface (like concrete) - soft wheel.
    A soft wheel on a soft surface is hard to roll. A hard wheel on a hard surface rolls extremely easy, however the wheel will make a lot of noise and has a good chance of locking up on small scraps on the floor.
  3. What is the caster going to be mounted to?
    Chair, piece of equipment, dolly, etc. If equipment, what type?
  4. How many casters per unit?
    This effects question #1. Some chairs have 5 casters and some dollies have 6 casters.
  5. What size wheel would you like?
    Keep in mind there are limitations that is available. You can’t have 8” wheels on chairs and you can’t hold 6,000 pounds with a 2” diameter wheel.
  6. How will the caster attach to your unit?
    We have a multitude of methods. We have plate mount, threaded stems, grip neck and grip ring stems. We have expanded adapters to fit 3/4” round tubing to 2” square tubing. We have metal square stems and round stems with centered bolt holes. As you can see, casters can be mounted a variety of ways. If you need help, please call and we will take our time and help you decide your exact needs.
  7. Are you replacing casters with an existing bolt pattern? Yes No
    What are the measurements of your bolt pattern? Measure from center of bolt to center of bolt at a 90 degree angle.
  8. What is the overall height of the caster?
    This measurement is from the bottom of the wheel to the top of the mounting plate. Or if is a stem mount, measure to the top of the swivel not the top of the stem. Keep in mind that your wheel may be worn down as much as a 1/4”.
  9. Do you require all swivel casters or 2 swivel and 2 rigid?
    All Swivel       1/2 Rigid and 1/2 Swivel
    Does your chair have 5 casters or 4?
    Does your dolly have the “diamond” pattern or the “high” centered mounted caster configuration? Diamond High centered
  10. Do you need only replacement wheels? Yes No
    We will sell you whatever you need and nothing more.
    Are your wheels ok? Yes No
    Do you only just need replacement swivel rigs? Yes No
    Whatever your need we will be happy to help you.
    If wheels only: What type of bearings are in your wheel?
    Bore of hole in wheel with bearing.
    Do you have a spanner bushing? Yes No
    Size of spanner:
    Do you need a replacement axle? Yes
    No Size of axle:
  11. Do you have a specified caster brand?
    We can sell any brand at a very competitive price.
    Do you have a bid or requirement that specifies a name brand or equal?
    We can cross over any brand and offer a very competitive equal.
  12. Brief description of caster application.
  13. Additional specifications not mentioned or covered in this worksheet.


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